Make A Difference In Your Community.......
Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Join a group of dedicated men & women with an important mission
Enjoy the sprit of teamwork and adventure
Become an invaluable part of your community
Take the opportunity to become a Certified Firefighter
● Become a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician

Volunteers must be at least 17 years old to enter our Cadet Program.

To find out more, call 503 738 7838....................


Can be Picked up at City Hall or the Fire Department



Fire Fighter Level 1 

Fire Fighter Level 2

Fire Fighter Level 1  All Firefighter 1 Training is (IFTSA)

International Fire Service Training Association Approved Firefighter Orientation
Firefighter Safety & Health
Fire Behavior
Building Construction
Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Rope & Knots
Rescue & Extrication
Forcible Entry
Ground Ladders
Water Supply
Fire Hose
Fire Streams
Fire Control
Fire Detection, Alarm & Suppression Systems
Loss Control
Protecting Fire Scene Evidence
Fire Department Communications
Basic Pre-Hospital Medical Care For Firefighters
Introduction To Hazardous Materials
Operations At Hazmat Incidents



Fire Fighter Level 21  All Firefighter 1 Training is (IFTSA)


Implementing The IMS System
Fire Department Communication
Building Materials & Collapse
Rescue Operations
Prevention, Prep, Maintenance
Rescue Tools/Extrication Practices
Hydrant Flow & Operability
Hose Tools & Appliances
Foam Fire Streams
Ignitable Liquids & Flammable Gases
Detection/Alarm/Suppression Systems
Fire Cause & Origin
Radio Communications & Reports
Pre-Incident Survey
NFPA Firefighter Task Performances