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Click here for information from the CDC/Oregon Health Authority about COVID-19/Coronavirus

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Downloadable .pdf files below-containing information for COVID:19/Coronavirus

Clatsop County Sherrif's Office

webpage link explaining how his office will handle the lodging and stay-at-home rules


County COVID:19 hotline

Second County COVID:19 case 03/25/2020

First County COVID:19 case


Clatsop County Emergency

Order #1 3/22/20

Clatsop County Press release  3/18/20

Clatsop County news release decloration 3/16/20

Clatsop County Joint Information Center Update 3/13/20

Clatsop County news release update 3/17/20

Clatsop County Press release - Cruise Ships 3/16/20

Clatsop County Emergency Decloration 3/13/20

Agenda Notes 03/11/2020 Clatsop County Emergency Management Phone Confrence

UCG Marine Press Info. Bulletin

Clatsop County Press Release Misinformation

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The Gearhart Fire Department has proudly served the community for over 100 years since 1906. Safety is our first priority to our firefighters and the public 

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