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Burn season ENDED on October 1st, 2023
Burn Permits are required for All Burn Barrels, Recreational Fires, open piles, and open burning
Within the city of Gearhart Permits can be filled out online with the link below.
-WIthin the Rural Fire District (Outside of Gearhart City Limits) calling Oregon Department of Forrestry


Additional information for Gearhart (City Limits)


Burn Permit Guidelines:

  • Burning is only allowed during daylight hours.  NO BURNING AFTER DARK

  • All Burning shall be attended continuously. Water and a fire tool must be readily available at all times while burning.

  • Any complaint of a smoke problem may result in the Fire Department ordering extinguishment of the fire. 

  • Construction and demolition waste burning is prohibited per CITY OF GEARHART BURNING ORDINANCE NO. 875.

  • Burn Barrels must have a screen with maximum 1/4 inch openings and be at least 10 feet from combustibles.

  • No outdoor burning will be permitted after dark.

  • The Fire Department may inspect piles prior to issuing a permit and re-inspect throughout the year.

  • Special Permit Fires are not available online (piles larger 4ft. by 4ft.)


Recreational Fires are allowed under the following guidelines:


  • Burn permits are currently required within the city limits of Gearhart

  • At Designated campsites, personal residence, or beaches.

  • No closer than 50 feet of dune grass, and 15 ft away from any structure. Fires are not allowed in drift-wood.

  • Clear combustibles (brush, grass, etc.) 5 feet around and 10 feet above.

  • Maximum fire size cannot be greater than 3 feet in diameter and 3 feet high.

  • Must be attended at all times.

  • Must be completely extinguished prior to leaving.

  • May not be allowed during periods of extreme fire conditions.


When enjoying a fire on the beach please do not cover your fire with sand. Spread out the ashes. This prevents other beach visitors from inadvertently stepping on hot coals later.


During periods of extreme dryness or winds burning may be restricted.

During fire season, burn barrels are allowed only from sunrise to 10 am.


For up-to-date information on burning Please view the Burning page on our website, you can call the fire station 503-738-7838, check our Facebook, all Seaside Dispatch 503-738-6311.

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