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General Beach Information:


Recreational fires are allowed on the beach unless restricted due to fire season. Burning must be 50 feet away from dune grass. You cannot burn plastics, glass, nails, pallets, or driftwood. You may burn natural, untreated wood. 

Fire Pits must be 3 feet or smaller, both in diameter and height, when your done enjoying your fire please do not bury it in the sand, the coals can remain hot into the next day and other visitors, pets, and children have been burned before from walking through a buried fire. Please spread your coals out, separate the wood, douse with water, and leave the fire to go out. 

Dogs are allowed off-leash if, under voice control, you are responsible for their behavior. 

Remove your trash when you leave. There are trash receptacles can be found at most beach accesses

Camping and tents are prohibited on the beach, 3-sided sun shelters are allowed

For a complete list of rules and regulations for Oregon's beaches visit: OPRD rules

General Beach Information

Keep You and Your Group Safe: 

The North West offers some of the most beautiful wilderness and pristine beaches to explore in the world.  When enjoying the ocean you must understand and respect it.  77 deaths related to the ocean have been reported for 2017 alone, according to the National Weather Service.  It is critical that you understand the dangers associated with going to the beach. Learn all about Beach Safety here. Understand rip current safety, find out more information at

Remember never attempt to rescue someone in distress if you are not trained or equipped to do so. Many of our rescues involve the original victim and a good Samaritan who got themselves into trouble as well. Call 911, and keep the victim in sight to give the Fire Department a report when they arrive.


The beach can be a fun and enjoyable experience when coming to visit Gearhart. Remember Lifeguards Are NOT  on duty so it's up to you to stay safe.

Beach Safety

Beach Safety

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Rip Currents
For Young Ones.....

WildFire Safety:

(click the links below to download Wildfire safety sheets)

Safe Debris Burning

Wildfire House Safety

Wildfire Fact Sheet

Wild Fire FAQ

WildFire Safety
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