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Fire Fighter Level 1 

Fire Fighter Level 2

All Firefighter Training is (IFTSA)

Fire Fighter Level 1

International Fire Service Training Association Approved Firefighter Orientation
Firefighter Safety & Health
Fire Behavior
Building Construction
Firefighter Personal Protective Equipment
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Rope & Knots
Rescue & Extrication
Forcible Entry
Ground Ladders
Water Supply
Fire Hose
Fire Streams
Fire Control
Fire Detection, Alarm & Suppression Systems
Loss Control
Protecting Fire Scene Evidence
Fire Department Communications
Basic Pre-Hospital Medical Care For Firefighters
Introduction To Hazardous Materials
Operations At Hazmat Incidents

Firefighter Task Performances

Fire Fighter Level 2 

Implementing The IMS System
Fire Department Communication
Building Materials & Collapse
Rescue Operations
Prevention, Prep, Maintenance
Rescue Tools/Extrication Practices
Hydrant Flow & Operability
Hose Tools & Appliances
Foam Fire Streams
Ignitable Liquids & Flammable Gases
Detection/Alarm/Suppression Systems
Fire Cause & Origin
Radio Communications & Reports
Pre-Incident Survey
Firefighter Task Performances

Recruit Academy:

The recruit academy is designed to teach entry-level firefighters the essential skills required to carry out basic firefighting operations. Our academy is a hybrid online blended academy. All classroom courses are online through our Firefighter-I academy. The Firefighter will then be given a taskbook to complete task sign off's. The typical academy requires a minimum of 86 hours of dedication.

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